1.      Do you arrange buying the domain name and hosting for the site, and is this included in the prices mentioned or quoted ?
Yes, you can search and register a domain of your choice from our site. Please note we give free offers from time to time. Do make sure to check and avail these offers. Once you buy a domain from us same will be registered in our name automatically. Subsequently, if you want, the domain can be transferred in your name either at the time of renewal or earlier subject to payment of the actual price. Once you have a registered domain name, you can choose from the different hosting plans, features and add-ons available on our site to launch your fully functional site. Please feel free to reach out to us should you need any help or support. Our support team will be happy to be of assistance to you.
Yes, the prices mentioned on our site are inclusive of all the services and components to make your site go live. However, there are some bespoke services where the prices are not mentioned due to the nature of the service. Should you be interested in such bespoke services, we will first send a detailed quote that covers all the components required by you for designing, developing, hosting and maintaining your website, application and for all the other features and services that you may wish to avail from us for a period of one year.
2.      How easy will it be for me to update my website ? Can I do it myself ?
We have the option of CMS based websites, where you can update, modify and change the contents including audio, video, multimedia, infographics, images and texts all by yourself. However, if you do not wish to do so our designers and developers are always ready to do it for you. In addition to building your own website from the functionalities available on our site, we also develop bespoke responsive sites and applications for all your needs. Both our off-the shelf solutions and bespoke services are built on the latest technologies to work flawlessly both for mobile and web applications.
3.      Will there be any additional ongoing costs for general site maintenance ?
No, the prices mentioned on our site and or any quote / invoice for other bespoke sites, services and applications are always inclusive of annual maintenance and support unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
4.      Will you optimise the website for search engines ?
Yes, we do offer Search Engine Optimisation as an add-on service on our website. Our SEO service helps you maintain a high ranking on all popular search engines. We also provide a range of other digital and social media marketing services to leverage the most from your digital presence. Kindly choose the services you may like to avail from us from the add-on services on our site or feel free to get in touch with us if you are not sure or don't see what you need.
5.      Will the site be responsive ?
Yes all the sites and applications designed and developed by us are by default responsive in nature. We use the latest technologies to ensure the design and development are fully responsive and works seamlessly across all devices.
6.      If I am not happy with the finished site, can it be amended and is there a cost associated with this ?
We make every effort to deliver the best services only. In the rare case you’re not satisfied with the service, we would be keen to know the reason of your dissatisfaction. This would enable us to meet your expectations. Also, make sure to avail the options with free limited period trial offers to get an idea of our quality of services.
Both our off-the-shelf and bespoke services are well defined to manage mutual expectations. However, do make sure to read the details or to clarify your doubts before you make any payment to avoid major mismatch in expectations later. For any deviation on our part from the defined scope of work or the details mentioned, we will make all necessary amendments free of cost. However, for any major deviation on the customer’s part we may charge an additional amount corresponding to the additional service to be given by us.
7.      Will you provide content and imagery for the site, or should I provide it?
Our services have both the options. You can either send us the content or avail our content development services as an add-on service. Our support team would be happy to help you with developing your content. In both the cases we would expect you to strictly maintain non-violation of copyright, infringement and IP issues so as to indemnify us in all respects for the content that is hosted on our server for your site.
We reserve full rights to refuse to host or remove from our servers any content that is legally not acceptable such as adult content, child labour, drugs and alcohol abuse, hurting religious sentiments, any propaganda to spread hatred and disharmony and all other content which may not be appropriate for public hosting    
8.      What is the scope for future development of the website ? Is it scalable ?
All our services including websites, applications and add-on components are scalable based on your present and future requirements. Keeping your present, short and long term business requirements in mind we would recommend you to choose optimal plans and services that neither makes you upgrade too frequently nor remains under utilised for too long. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are unsure or do not find what you need. Our support team will be happy to guide and assist you for your needs.
9.      How much will future amendments to the site cost ?
Depending on your future requirements you can either choose from the upgrade options available on our site so that you can see the annual costs for such services there. Alternately, you can fill up and submit the bespoke application upgrade form on our site or contact us for us to understand your future requirements accurately. Our support team will be happy to guide and assist you for your needs.
10. How is my website protected if something goes wrong ?
Once delivered, all our services are guaranteed for 99.99% up-time. However, in the event of any unforeseeable disruption in our services we shall notify you as soon as we get to know of the same. Disruptions in services due to natural calamities and force majeure are not in our control and in such cases we may not be able to notify you in advance or in a timely manner. In both the cases we shall not be liable for any losses whatsoever that you may incur due to such disruption of services.
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